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본 모금활동은 Oak Tree Run 2017을 후원합니다

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모금활동 소개

This Saturday, October 21st the whole Trinh family is running in our first 5k as a family! Would you consider supporting the Oak Tree Project - running for the orphans in (South) Korea?

Abuse, abandonment, poverty, and neglect leave thousands of children orphaned in Korea. Once these children turn 18, they must move out of the government subsidized orphanages and live on their own, alone.
Once on their own, many experience depression, suicidal thoughts, and are vulnerable to entering the sex industry. For most, safe employment and higher education remain out of reach. Without an advocate, there is little hope.

Oak Tree Project has a 2 fold approach. 1. To provide true orphans with a scholarship to help them through college. 2. To provide mentoring for the recipients.

Oak Tree Project is a scholarship fund and mentoring program for Korean orphans who get into college. Korean orphans are on their own after they graduate from high school and are in great need of financial and emotional support. This program enables them to succeed and keeps them accountable until they graduate.

Oak Tree Project currently has 21 students on scholarship and hopes to expand to 28 students in 2017. One scholarship is $6,000 per student. Any amount of money that you give to support this project will go directly to these scholarship funds. Thank you in advance for considering.

If you have more questions, feel free to email us or check out the website:
For stories that inspired Oak Tree Project:

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Oak Tree Run 2017 소개

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Oak Tree Project will be holding our 3rd annual Oak Tree Run to raise funds for scholarships for orphans in South Korea. Orphans in Korea are on their own after they graduate from high school and many struggle to get by financially and emotionally. It is especially difficult for those who get into college who have to work while studying. The stress and loneliness leads to depression and desperation for many, which can lead to prostitution, joining gangs, or even suicide. Oak Tree Project is a scholarship and mentoring program designed to not just help the orphans have funds through college, but to also receive the emotional support and guidance they need to succeed. To find out more about the Oak Tree Project, please visit

To donate, click the "Donate now" button on the right.

To run, you can sign up for the 5K, 10K, or half-marathon. The registration fee is ₩33,000 and the deadline for sign-ups is October 12th, 2017. All registrants will receive a free t-shirt. The registration fee will go directly to the Oak Tree Project scholarship fund.

Register for the run here:

For more information, email

Jamsil Han River Park
Seoul, South Korea

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