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Community of Retail Investors give back to those in need! Father God! Please bless those who give, receive and manage this nonprofit organization. Bless them with wisdom and knowledge to be successful on what they do so they may give back again! In Jesus name we Pray! Amen!

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Oak Tree Project 소개

기업은행 (IBK/INDUSTRIAL BANK) - 041-089213-01-019 (SCHOLARSHIP 예루살렘선교회)

Oak Tree Project is a scholarship fund/mentoring program for Korean orphans attending university.

Most of the children who leave the orphanages have no emotional or financial support. Loneliness, depression, suicidal thoughts, vulnerability to bad jobs and bad influences, and alcohol abuse are all huge dangers for these kids. For most of them they have no one to mentor them and help them get on their feet. The few who are able to attend college often give up because they are so worn out from working all the time to provide for their tuition.

Oak Tree Project was formed to not just provide a scholarship for the orphans, but to also serve as a mentoring program that would give the kids the emotional support and direction that they so sorely need. Although their lives have been rooted in the storms of rejection and struggle, we believe through the love and support of the program they will be able to rise up above the storms as mighty oak trees, unshakable in their identity.

Oak Tree Project began with just four recipients in 2013. The program has grown with each year and as of 2023 91 students have received a scholarship with us and already 42 students have graduated through the program. 

Out of the 500,000won given a month, a typical student’s budget is…
40% (~200,000won) spent on food
15% (~75,000won) spent on transportation
15% (~75,000won) spent on personal needs
15% (~75,000won) spent on school supplies and events
15% (~75,000won) spent on cell phone

All staff and mentors in the program serve strictly as volunteers.

Oak Tree Project is a registered NGO in America and is registered in Korea under the NGO Jerusalem Ministry (예루살렘선교회). 

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